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6KVA Off-Grid Solar OG SOG6KVA Plant


Name: Solar OG SOG6KVA

Capacity: 6 KVA

Delivery: Within 20 days

Description:  PV Panel make: – Reputed Indian MNRE Approved Make
Specs: –

Panel: Polycrystalline
Wattage: 330/335 WP
Inverter: Statcon

Inverter Type- Off – Grid
Inverter Capacity: – 6 KVA/48V

Okaya Tall Tubular Battery 12V 100Ah: 4 nos.

Structure: Not Included

Installation: Not Included

Balance of System: Not  Included

6KVA Off-Grid Solar Power Plant

Solar Off-Grid plant consists of solar PV Panels, battery and inverter which helps you generate power from the sun and use that power to generate electricity for your homes. The battery helps you store the excess power so that you can use that power when there is a power cut or at night. 6KVA Off-Grid Solar Power Plant is a good choice for people facing frequent power cuts.

Mechanical Characteristics
L× W× T: 1960 mm (L) × 990 mm (W) × 40 mm (T)
Weight : 22.5 kg
Solar Cells per Module (Units):72 / (12×6)
Solar Cell:Polycrystalline Silicon
Front Glass:3.2 mm Tempered glass with ARC coating
Encapsulate:PID Free & UV Resistant
Junction Box: IP68 / Weatherproof PPO
Connector: IP68 Rated / MC4 Compatible


Electrical Parameters

Power (PMax):  330/335wp
Short Circuit Current (Isc): 9.30A – STC
Open Circuit Current (Voc): 46.80V
Vmp (V):  38.10V
Imp (A):  8.80A
Module Efficiency:  17.26%



Model Specifications – 6 KVA/48V
Input (DC)
Maximum DC power 6 KVA
No. of MPPT 1 nos.
Max Open Circuit (Voc) 190V
MPPT voltage range(Vmp) 75V – 160V
MPPT Efficiency 94%
Battery Voltage (DC)   48V
Output (AC)         
Normal AC output Power 6 KVA
Normal voltage 230 V
Power Load Factor 0.80-unity
Output Grid Voltage 230VAC (+-2%)
AC voltage range 230VAC (+10% & -20%)
AC connection Single phase
Grid Frequency 50Hz (+5% & -5%)
PCU Max. efficiency 85 %
Protection IP21


Technical Specification: –

Battery Model: – Tall Tubular

Voltage: – 12V

Capacity: – 100Ah

Battery Type: – C10

Application: – Suitable for Solar


  • We will provide 2 years warranty effective from the date of Sale of Goods against all defects in components, material and manufacturing supplied by us. We will undertake all repairs/replacements of the goods parts as required during the warranty period at free of cost to you. PV Panel Warranty of 10 years against manufacturing defect and 25 years of performance warranty (upto 80%). 2 years of warranty on inverter and 3 years of warranty for battery.
  • This warranty will not cover damages caused due to lightening, over voltage & normal wear & tear.


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