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Carbon Offset

Introducing RENKO , a marketplace where companies and individuals can take direct action against climate change by purchasing carbon, plastic, and biodiversity offsets directly from project developers.

RENKO is a climate tech app/web portal where users can buy/sell carbon credits, buy/sell REC certificates, browse energy projects and invest/buyout energy projects, or buy/sell energy via open access. It provides a complete data pack of energy producers in the market that can serve energy consumers through our platform.

Carbon offsetting involves buying carbon credits from CO2 absorption projects in the carbon market to compensate for the greenhouse gas emissions produced by a company or an individual. To do this, the first step is to calculate the amount of carbon emitted by the company or individual, which is also known as the carbon footprint. For instance, if a company produces 1,000 tons of GHG emissions within a year, it needs to purchase 1,000 carbon credits, where each credit represents one ton of CO2-equivalent, to offset this footprint. This simple accounting system ensures that the amount of emissions in the world does not exceed its capacity to absorb while also providing crucial financing to carbon mitigation projects.

Carbon offset
carbon offset

Once you know your carbon footprint and after you have taken measures such as switching to renewable energy or cutting electricity consumption to reduce it, it is time to offset the remaining carbon emissions by purchasing carbon credits.

The most direct way to purchase them is at the source: from the organization responsible for the project you want to support. In this case, your company can either invest in the development of the project with a promise of return in the form of future carbon credits or buy what are called Emission Reduction Purchase Agreements (ERPAs), upfront payment for carbon credits to be delivered as and when they are generated. This latter option is more common when the project is already at a later stage of development.

There are two main advantages to buying your carbon credits directly from the project developer:

  • It allows you to gain a deep understanding of the project and get involved in its management
  • You can secure lower prices than with a reseller.

The RENKO marketplace combines the positive impact of buying carbon credits directly from the developer with the practicality of using a broker. On our user-friendly platform, you can browse more than 60 certified projects categorized by type, country, and even Sustainable Development Goal and choose the carbon offsets most suited to your expectations.

Then, you can get in touch with the developer via direct message if needed, or simply purchase your carbon credits through the platform, and you will automatically receive a personalized certificate with project information. This ensures that your money actually ends up in the project you have chosen to support.

Since RENKO is a complete data of energy producers, you can also trade REC certificates, direct message power producers, buy power via open access, and invest/buyout energy projects.

carbon offset
carbon offse