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INDUSTRIAL/COMMERCIAL CAPEX – While most of us largely associate solar solutions with solar PV panels and solar inverters, there are several other components involved. These include mounting structures, cables, connectors, earthing equipment, safety devices such as SPDs (Surge Protection Devices), lightning arrestors, and junction boxes.

Moreover, the various components play an equally important role in a solar solution’s performance and efficiency. This makes it essential to invest in high-quality solar system components with superior workmanship, be it for residential or commercial usage.

At Greenon, we offer all types of custom CAPEX solar solutions for on-grid and off-grid solar power systems from 3kWp to 1MWp. Not only do we provide high-grade solar PV panels, but we also offer top-quality components designed to make solar solutions more efficient, cost-effective, and long-lasting.

Additionally, we provide a 25-year performance warranty on the solar panels, while the rest of the components come with individual product warranties. Better yet, we offer various finance options on all solar packages above Rs. 1 lakh.

But that’s not all, as Greenon’ CAPEX solar solutions come with inclusions that local manufacturers do not offer, and we also ensure complete transparency throughout.

Add-On Safety Features – While solar power systems come equipped with certain safety measures, Greenon’ solar solutions offer add-on safety features such as junction boxes, Surge Protection Devices (SPDs), and lightning arrestors. All these ensure that your solar panel system provides optimal performance while reducing the risks of external and internal damage.

Insurance – Buying insurance is always a good practice, and solar power systems are no exception. By opting for a solar solution package from Greenon, you can explore the available insurance plans as per your requirements. Whether the insurance covers fire, burglary, any Act of God (lightning, flood, cyclone, storm, earthquake), riots, terrorism, etc, Greenon will take care of everything, including the claim filing process.

Care & Warranty Support – Greenon offers a 25-year performance warranty on solar panels, plus individual product warranties for the other key components. So, if you ever face any issue with the solar energy system, our experts will provide hands-on support and help with any required repairs or replacements – depending on the solar solution package you invest in.

Plant Health Check-Up Visit – Although solar power systems require low maintenance, preventative health check-ups are crucial to ensure the longevity of the solar panel system. Greenon offers 2 to 4 plant health check-ups per year, depending on the solar package deals. Our experts do a thorough examination of the solar plant by checking if there is a drop in the current/voltage, plus various other maintenance requirements.

Installation – Proper installation is crucial for all solar power systems, which is why Greenon makes sure that our customers only get the best results. In addition to using first-grade mounting structures, panels, cables, connectors, and other equipment, we also ensure quality workmanship. Not only does our team of professionals pay attention to detail, but they also do a neat job.

Net Meter Installation & Assistance – Net meter installation involves several government mandated (DISCOM) procedures, including documentation and approvals. Greenon’ solar packages include not only the net meter installation process but also complete assistance as our experts take full responsibility for any required procedures, licenses, and documentation.

Financing Options – Although there are many financing options for solar power systems available today, Greenon offers its customers the advantage of customized plans that are typically not provided by local vendors. Additionally, we take care of everything involved in the process while you sit back and relax.

RMS Data Package – The RMS (Remote Monitoring System) data package, included with Greenon’ solar solutions, is a one-year benefit that allows you to transmit/upload data from the inverter to the cloud through GSM or Wi-Fi dongles, providing real-time information about the solar power system.

Our CAPEX Solar Solution Packages – Best Solar Power Solutions

Greenon offers two types of solar power solutions: Premium and Basic solar solutions. All these packages are designed keeping in mind the diverse needs & requirements of our customers. So, depending on your power situation and budget, you can choose a solar PV solution.

Here’s a glance at our three solar solution packages:

Key Components






PV Panels

Imported- Canadian Solar/Trina/Jinko


Balance of System

Mounting Structure

Hot Dip GI

Posmac/Pre GI


Premium Brands

Premium Brands

Add-on Features- Earthing, LA, SPD, ACDB, etc






Net Meter(If state allows)



Financing Option






Easy EMIs

Greenon enables the financing of your CAPEX Solar Power Generation System. Special financing for the project is available from leading Banks & NBFCs at attractive rates and terms.

  • Top Solar Financing Partners
  • Easy Loan Approvals
  • Attractive Rates & Terms

Project Execution Method: – 

Greenon Energy has certified engineers and staff who calculate each and every detail when working on a PV solution. Each solution is customized according to the customer’s needs in a responsible manner maximizing the output from the system.

1.1 Conceptualization: 

We design optimal solution to meet specific needs of every task. We plan the solar power plant in such a way that it ensures maximum results on any surface, the efficiency of the system and the earnings are maximized. Before planning and installation, we carry out extensive research relating to the site location and all environmental factors that need to be considered. Furthermore, our project planning is oriented toward innovation and providing you with attractive solar architecture.

1.2 Project Engineering: 

Timely delivery of goods requires precise preparation which we achieve while providing you with comprehensive support. Through Greenon Energy you receive everything from one single source. Our expertise in system integration ensures that you are provided with the optimally suited solution. 

1.3 Realization: 

For large-scale projects, our customers will benefit from our finalizing procedures that are delivered in cooperation with our partner companies on site. Our experienced employees along with our partner company’s assistance will personally supervise the installation and ensure that the project runs smoothly. Greenon Energy employees work in tandem to finish large-scale grid connected projects that will result in profitable ventures for our customers. 

Operation & Maintenance

1.4 Philosophy

The complete PV plant including their various components will be designed, manufactured and installed in such a way that they are able to withstand during full load operation under the given climatic design conditions, the rated currents continuously as well as the maximum expected short circuit interrupting currents and instantaneous short circuit currents in terms of thermal and mechanical stress without any damage, dislocation or dangerous temperature rise. All components and equipment are selected considering easy maintenance, simple and quick diagnosis and long maintenance intervals. The PV system will be optimized for the maximum energy production. This means losses will be minimized and the best technical solutions be chosen.

1.5 Spares

The complete electrical equipment will be calculated including an available spare capacity. For wearing parts like fuses, connectors, screws, cables, lamps, etc a spare service & maintenance contract will be signed. For the inverters additionally a service and maintenance contract with the manufacturer will be provided.

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