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OPEX (PPA for Rooftop owner) Model: – 

Under this Model, Greenon puts up solar power plant at the Rooftop owner’s premises at Greenon’s own investment and the Rooftop Owner will have to pay only for the power used. Basically, we at Greenon becomes rooftop owner’s power provider. Greenon always offers a Power Purchase Agreement 30%-50% less than what State Electricity Board(DISCOM) is providing so that the rooftop owner can see a 30%-50% reduction in its Electricity bill at 0% Investment.

Greenon pioneered and introduced the “OPEX Model” through distributed solar solutions in India. This model is also known as ‘RESCO’ model . Today we also have a network of private offsite renewable energy farms across India, through which we supply large corporates with clean energy as per their needs.

Our OPEX solar energy solutions are in a pay-as-you-go model, by which corporates pay for solar electricity at a rate lower than grid tariffs – in fact, up to 20-40% cheaper.

There is zero investment, no capex and the user does not take on any of the performance risk of the plant. This translates into considerable savings for companies, without the risk. Our team will take care of the entire operation and maintenance for the 25-year life of the system. All you need to do is sign a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) and sit back and enjoy the benefits.

  • What if your rooftop could be a power producer?
  • Pay per kWh from your solar plant with added value to your premises
  • Significant cost savings for businesses

Greenon OPEX/RESCO model

Greenon funds and installs a rooftop (or Ground-mount) solar power plant on your premises. Solutions are customised to suit your requirements and include carports & superstructures.

As a customer, you get the multi-fold-benefit:

  • Zero investment
  • from customer No Techno-financial
  • risk for customer Guaranteed Savings
  • for every unit purchased End-to-End
  • service delivery Hassle-free Maintenance
  • ensuring high performance

Greenon provides Upfront Investment and sets up the plant

  • Greenon signs a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) with customer
  • Greenon does Designing, Procurement, Construction, Installation and Commissioning of the plant on the premises of the customer
  • The customer pays per kWh of electricity
  • The customer enjoys Guaranteed Savings through reduction in electricity bills as Greenon’ tariffs are and will always be lower than that of grid
  • Greenon provides Hassle-Free Maintenance to the plant through real-time analytics and remote monitoring system.

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