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12KVA Solar Off Grid Plant LM12KVA Luna Series-Polycrystalline With Battery


Name: Luna Series LM12KVA – Off-Grid Solar Power Plant

Capacity: 12 KVA

Delivery: Within 7 days

Description:  PV Panel make: – Reputed Indian MNRE Approved Make
Specs: –

Panel: Polycrystalline Solar Panels – 36nos.
Wattage: – 330/335 WP
Inverter: – Statcon

Inverter Type – Off – Grid
Inverter Capacity: – 12.50 kVA/120V

Battery: Okaya Tubular 12V 150Ah

No. of Batteries: 10 nos.
Structure: – Aluminium / GI

Installation: Included

Balance of System: Included

  • AC Cable- Polycab/Reputed- 20meter
  • DC Cable- Polycab/Reputed-50meter
  • ACDB – 1 nos.
  • All Accessories Included: -Lugs, MC4 Connector, etc
  • Earthing Electrode-3nos.
  • Earthing cable: 50 meter
  • Lightening Arrestor – 1nos.

12KVA Solar Off-Grid Plant

The off-grid solar plant is for every home out there who wants to switch to solar because there is a power outage in their area and they want power 24*7. Off-grid Plant has battery which help you save the extra power throughout the day which you can use when there’s power cut or during the night. 12Kva Solar Off-grid plant has everything you need to switch to solar.

Mechanical Characteristics
L× W× T: 1960 mm (L) × 990 mm (W) × 40 mm (T)
Weight : 22.5 kg
Solar Cells per Module (Units):72 / (12×6)
Solar Cell:Polycrystalline Silicon
Front Glass:3.2 mm Tempered glass with ARC coating
Encapsulate:PID Free & UV Resistant
Junction Box: IP68 / Weatherproof PPO
Connector: IP68 Rated / MC4 Compatible


Electrical Parameters

Power (PMax):  330wp/335wp
Short Circuit Current (Isc): 9.30A – STC
Open Circuit Current (Voc): 46.80V
Vmp (V):  38.10V
Imp (A):  8.80A
Module Efficiency:  17.26%


Model Specifications – 12.50 KVA/120V
Input (DC)
Maximum DC power 12.50 KVA
No. of MPPT 1 nos.
Max Open Circuit (Voc) 360V
MPPT voltage range(Vmp) 165V – 299V
MPPT Efficiency 94%
Battery Voltage (DC)   120V
Output (AC)         
Normal AC output Power 12.50 KVA
Normal voltage 230 V
Power Load Factor 0.80-unity
Output Grid Voltage 230VAC (+-2%)
AC voltage range 230VAC (+10% & -20%)
AC connection Single phase
Grid Frequency 50Hz (+5% & -5%)
PCU Max. efficiency 90 %
Protection IP21


Technical Specification: –

Battery Model: – Tall Tubular

Voltage: – 12V

Capacity: – 150Ah

Battery Type: – C10

Application: – Suitable for Solar


  • We will provide 2 years warranty effective from the date of commissioning against all defects in components, material and manufacturing supplied by us. We will undertake all repairs/replacements of the goods parts as required during the warranty period at free of cost to you. 25 years of performance warranty (upto 80%). 2 years of warranty on inverter and 3 years of warranty for battery.
  • This warranty will not cover damages caused due to lightening, over voltage & normal wear & tear.


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