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Installing Solar : A Status Symbol

In this era of 21 st century, most of us want something or another but one thing almost everyone of us desires is having that status in society . A status, where everyone looks up at you and respects you. Now what do you think would be the best way to establish status, a weightless superficial thing? Some statuses we get by birth like Queen Elizabeth – Royalty , some we get through hard work like Sachin Tendulkar. And status changes with the wind, what is popular today might not be popular tomorrow just as what was popular in 2000s might not be making headlines today. With the growing concern towards the climate change, solar has been a green status symbol for quite a long time now. There is no escaping the effects of climate change, everything from the forest fires to flash floods to extreme weather. With the growing public awareness of the climate catastrophe it is time for calling a new paradigm in which owning a home that is the most sustainable becomes a status symbol.

Researches have shown that when a few homes in a society install solar, they influence others in installing it too. People love to have what others have. And the green status symbol is something everyone would want to have. Solar energy has become more widely available thanks to the government’s many supportive measures for solar manufacturing sector and the introduction of subsidies. Solar power costs have matched grid prices as a result of increased output and demand as well as several technological advances. This indicates that using solar energy cost the same as using grid power, and sometimes even less.

Installing solar has a lot more benefits than just the status symbol. Some of the benefits of installing solar on your rooftop are discussed ahead. The first one being the vast difference in your electricity bill . It can be nil as well. A bidirectional metre put at your home will track any extra electricity generated by your solar plant that is fed into the grid, changing the amount of power you use from the grid at night. Depending on the capacity of your solar power plant, your electricity costs may drop if your plant produces as much excess power as you use from the grid. The second thing would be that government is very supportive in this regard . To tackle the problem of huge carbon emissions, the government is encouraging people to switch to solar by offering them attractive subsidies. Because of the availability of subsidies, even the average person has been able to gain greatly from the spread of solar energy. Another benefit is that you are contributing towards the environment by reducing your carbon footprints as solar energy is considered to be the cleanest energy. Solar power plants have a life of 25 years with no moving parts which means almost no maintenance hassles. Just gotta keep them clean and Voila , you are saving ok your electricity bills as well as making a great investment. Also the fact that you are increasing your value of home by installing solar.

Solar could be considered as a great asset to invest in . It has numerous advantages. It has a great ROI as well it helps in savings and controlling your future bills .

Agreeably future is uncertain but one thing is certain, that is the solar power as the sun never runs out.



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