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How important is solar for a home?

As people become more environmentally conscious, clean energy solutions are receiving immediate attention. Many industrial and commercial buildings have already installed on-grid or off-grid solar power plants. However, residential buildings are still lagging.

Solar home lighting systems are advantageous upgrades to any residential property. 

Top reasons to get an off- or on-grid solar power plant

  • Self-sufficient solution for individual homes: Many cities and towns face regular power outages due to weather conditions. The grid is often disturbed by rains and storms, resulting in outages for days. Integrating an off-grid solar power plant allows an owner to be completely independent of the grid. As a result, the power outage will not affect the property.
  • Financial benefits: The central and state governments offer a maximum 40% subsidy for installing a rooftop solar power plant with a capacity between 1–5 KW. The subsidy varies depending on the property, city, and scheme. An on-grid solar system also generates extra electricity. Many states allow you to sell this excess energy back to the grid, i.e., the government. An owner can earn as much as INR 23,000 annually by selling the extra electricity.
  • Long-term investment: A solar home lighting system can pay for itself within 4–5 years. But because solar systems usually have a warranty of up to 25 years, the remaining years can be considered an investment. Since rooftop solar power plants require little management and maintenance, the owner can benefit from selling the electricity while incurring minor costs.
  • Ideal for Indian weather: Most parts of India have over 300 days of sunlight annually. Furthermore, most residential properties do not use rooftops for any purpose. Integrating a rooftop solar power plant can make use of both. By installing an on- or off-grid solar power plant, the area can be used to generate green energy. It can power the property and reduce the building’s dependence on the city grid.

These are the top four benefits of integrating solar systems in a residential property. Solar asset management requires little effort on the owner’s part, and most solar systems come with smart monitors that directly inform in case of a problem. As a result, rooftop solar systems are becoming a popular technology.

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